My Journey Into Vinyl Records

by Cameron Schaefer on October 11, 2012

 Some of you may remember that I used to write for an excellent blog called The Art of Manliness.  I just wrote the first of a series of posts for them on my recent foray into the world of vinyl and the first post is now up.  Please go take a look when you have a second, leave a comment — it’s the type of narrative-form writing I haven’t had a chance to do much of lately and I really enjoyed the experience.

Here’s a teaser (read the full post here):

I’m sold on vinyl. Like other passionate music lovers, ever since I was a kid I have eagerly followed the major leaps in recording technology, starting with the cassette tape all the way to the mp3. Until a year ago, I never considered pushing back against the evolutionary trend, but now here I am, completely hooked on a medium that seemingly flies in the face of decades of technological progress. And I’m not the only one.

After slowing to a trickle in the early 2000s, sales of vinyl have been making a sizeable comeback over the past six years, and were up 39% in 2011 alone (3.9M albums sold). This is happening while CD sales declined by 12.6% in the same year. While it might be tempting to chalk up the new wave of interest in vinyl to the aesthetic trends of smug, hipster culture, such a quick dismissal is suspect. I’ve spent the past year on my own journey into the world of vinyl and can truly say that there is something entirely unique and significant about the medium, something greater than simple nostalgia, image, or even sound.

Secondly, along with my friend Levi (who you’ll meet in the AoM post), I’ve been working on a small side project, completely for the fun of it.  Check it out here.

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