PotteryPrint Update: Thank You & Looking Ahead

by Cameron Schaefer on April 17, 2012

PotteryPrint didn’t end up making its funding goal on Kickstarter – never fun to miss the mark, but we had a ton of fun testing a new concept and received a lot of great feedback.  Thank you (really, I’m humbled) to everyone that helped us out, it made me realize how many amazing people I’m blessed to be connected to in a myriad of ways.

Creating something new and substantial is hard – sounds obvious, but it’s why so few people make a living doing startups…or even try for that matter.  Just after the end of our campaign a friend sent Shlok, Brian & myself a post by Chris Dixon entitled, “The myth of overnight success” – it’s short, but awesome:

Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game. They spent eight years and almost went bankrupt before finally creating their massive hit. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in history, but struggled for a long time. Pinterest’s CEO recently said that they had “catastrophically small numbers” in their first year after launch, and that if he had listened to popular startup advice he probably would have quit.

You tend to hear about startups when they are successful but not when they are struggling. This creates a systematically distorted perception that companies succeed overnight. Almost always, when you learn the backstory, you find that behind every “overnight success” is a story of entrepreneurs toiling away for years, with very few people except themselves and perhaps a few friends, users, and investors supporting them.

Startups are hard, but they can also go from difficult to great incredibly quickly. You just need to survive long enough and keep going so you can create your 52nd game.

All this to say, it’s not over.

At some point in the future I’ll write a more substantial lessons learned post, but for now here’s the update we posted on our Kickstarter page.



Despite our best efforts and amazing support from people like yourself, we did not reach our funding goal on Kickstarter.  Naturally, this is disappointing, but the level of interest that was generated & huge amounts of positive feedback we received have convinced us that we are close to something with PotteryPrint.  We want to sincerely thank each of you that backed us financially and/or helped spread the word about PotteryPrint – we were humbled by your generosity and dedication to helping us succeed.

Over the next several weeks we will be sifting through the feedback & results looking for ways we can improve on PotteryPrint.  This could mean sticking with the same basic idea with slight modifications, or pivoting to something different – from CNC to lasers, plastics to metals.  At the end of the day we want to make highly creative, engaging applications that help kids become makers…there are a TON of great ways to do this.

We will be looking to you to help us by providing us with your honest feedback and collective imagination.  Great apps are not built in a vacuum, but via the constant two-way communication of an engaged community.  If the Kickstarter campaign did anything, it helped us build this community – now it’s time to make something awesome together!

Be a part of the creative process by signing up here.


Cameron, Shlok and Brian

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