The Manival #3

by Cameron Schaefer on May 12, 2008

Welcome to the third edition of the Manival! The Manival is a blog carnival that brings together the best posts by man bloggers written with men in mind. The first two have featured some incredible posts and generated a lot of great attention and discussion. This edition promises to be no different with a large selection of great posts!

Thanks for coming and enjoy the ride as we celebrate all things manly together:

Editor’s Pick:

Jonathan Fields of Awake At the Wheel provides us with 6 rules for life that he came up with for his daughter. A new father myself of a beautiful baby girl, these are 6 pieces of advice that caused me to laugh out loud and appreciate. Check out his fatherly advice in “Six Timeless Rules for My 6-Year Old Daughter


Joeprah presents a hilarious system by which dad’s at playgroups can identify the estrogen level present in “The Playgroup Play Along Game for Dads

Being Michael’s Daddy gives some great advice for any dad’s-to-be about interacting with your pregnant wife in a way that will keep you both happy in For Dad’s To Be

Career and Money:

The Simple Marriage Project
gives some great ideas for how a man can define his life beyond just his job title inMan Up: How To Answer The Question, What Do You Do?

Money Blue Book features The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, in a great investment post looking at the interplay between greed and fear inWarren Buffett’s Single Most Important Piece of Advice For Stock Market Investors

Andrew Schultz writes an insightful piece about the surprising financial strains of professional athletes, giving us lessons we can all take something away from inMoney Can’t Buy Happiness

Marriage and Relationships:

I Am Husband
gives some great marital advice explaining that mutual selflessness is a fundamental aspect of successful marriages in Marriage is Not 50/50

Discovering Dad offers husbands some wise and funny advice on how to compliment their wives in “Do’s and Don’ts of Complimenting Your Wife on Mother’s Day (Or Any Other Time)

Shop Little Gifts helps solve your gift needs for your wife or girlfriend with “5 Gift Ideas at 5 Price Ranges, For Her.

Persistent Illusion gives a close-up view into the inner workings of a woman’s mind, explaining attitude is often much more of a factor than big muscles in attracting a woman in “TGIF – Thank God I’m Frisky, XY

Manertainment and Culture:

A Good Husband describes the recent boom in social media in all things manliness, noting that guys seem much more intrigued by learning to be a good husband or father than checking out pictures of the latest scantily-clad model in “Husbands, Dad’s and the The Social Media Revolution

Building Camelot provides us with a highly entertaining and funny post on getting an awkward massage at the hands of a male masseuse in “How to Survive a Manssage

Virile Lit gives a interesting little history lesson into the postwar crop of men’s magazines of the 1950′s called, The Sweats

Manning Up:

The Art of Manliness
provides us with some essential skills every man should know…and after all girls like guys with skills. So learn something useful in “How to Survive and Thrive in a Street Fight in 8 Simple Steps

Mitch Ross looks at the always helpful skill of public speaking and the ways a man can improve this skill in “The Manly Art of Giving a Toast

Stormbringer’s Thunder takes a look at some manly wisdom taken from the playbook of 007 himself, James Bond in Do You Show It?

takes a look at something all of us have thought about at one point, how we would react if an intruder broke into our home in “Men Are Wimps, According to the Home Security Commercial

Thanks to everyone that submitted! Please submit to next week’s Manival which will be hosted at The Care and Feeding of Man. The submission form is here. Also, don’t forget to share this on Stumble, Digg, Delicious, etc. so others can join in the fun that is the Manival.

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Jon May 14, 2008 at 5:28 pm

Sorry… With a few exceptions, this week’s Manival is pretty week. Time to “man-up” and write some better content!

Joe May 14, 2008 at 10:17 pm

I take exception to that comment. Jon obviously must have skimmed my post. :D

Dad of Divas May 17, 2008 at 4:52 pm

I will instead say that I enjoyed this post, so kudos to you and this week’s Manival. As my first time reading, I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more!

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